Saturday, February 4, 2012

Chocolate, pistachio bars

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A sweet treat to kickoff the Superbowl XLVI!! As I cleaned Zach's room this afternoon I found massive amounts of candy wrappers!  I was actually quite shocked, because I didn't think he really ate a lot of candy! about being a naive mom!  Well at least I am learning early with the candy before he is doing this with other things.  And no, I don't want to think about what those 'other things' might be Thank You.  So then, I am putting some marshmallows away that he had taken out last night.  After he grabs a few, I again, have to explain about all the candy and how his teeth are going to rot out of his head because he doesn't brush well.  As I put them away, thinking how the heck am I going to control this candy eating, non brushing monster of a son, I start reading the recipes on the back and one catches my eye.  It's not your regular 'puffed rice' treat(love how they have to use that when doing the competitions on t.v.), but had things like pretzels, nuts, chocolate and raisins.  Now I am not one for raisins and I didn't have any pretzels.  I did however have pistachios, nutella and cinnamon.  Pretty much the same ingredients right? Right, that's what I thought too.  Here is my version of this sweet nutty goodness.

(Obviously I had to make these, because I had just got onto Zach about eating candy and stuff.  So the natural thing to do is make more candy! Duh!) 

Oh and check out below to see the fabulous reasons to add pistachios and cinnamon!


Rubber spatula
Baking dish
Chef Knife


3/4 stick of butter
1/4c Nutella
15 large marshmallows
2c 'puffed rice' cereal
2T pistachios, chopped
1t cinnamon

Melt butter. Add in marshmallow and melt.  Add in Nutella and melt.  Add 'puffed rice' cereal, cinnamon and pistachios and combine completely.  This gets stiff pretty quick so work quickly and use a rubber spatula.  Make balls, put onto a sprayed sheet pan or in a sprayed brownie pan, whichever suits your style.  Let cool and cut however you want...make footballs if you'd like! Now keep in mind these are not your normal treats, they are a little more stiff, but very good.  You can always mess with the recipe a little too and add more marshmallows or butter to your liking.  I know my bro and sis-in law always say you can never have enough marshmallows! 


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