Friday, January 13, 2012

Food Culture of the World!

Pin It I bet you were thinking something like this.....

Well, not exactly. I was thinking more along the lines of food from these 196+/- countries of the world.

I think other than my passion for cooking and being in the kitchen, I have a passion for travel, people and their culture.  If you know me, I have lived in a few different states/places and get the urge to be on the move constantly.  Here lately I have decided to stop being a vagabond and stay in one place for a while.(boooooo, does not sound that thrilling to me.) But,  I am trying to be a responsible adult these days!  Ugh, it's so hard.  Why can't we all just be like Peter Pan and never grow up?  Anyway, I love to learn about people and how they live, eat and survive.  Therefore it brings me to this adventure of finding the plethora of food out there that most of us are unaware of.  Each country has its own unique way of cooking and flavors too!  A lot of the ingredients might be the same, but the technique used in cooking is different or the way it is eaten might be different.  The question now is how to tackle 196 countries and which dishes to bring to you all.  So stay tuned to this posting as I roll things around in my head to come up with a way to get through all these countries!  If you all have any recipes from where you are from please feel free to email me them so I can possibly feature it on here.  Maybe, as the title of this post says, I should do it alphabetically!? This is not going to be a quick or short process, but over time I will get through them all.  Think of it like the movie 'Julie and Julia', except I probably wont be posting one every day as this is not my primary focus for this blog.  It is merely a fun idea and tasty journey...with that being said be ready for the first dish in the near future.

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